Full Length High Arch Support Insole with Breathable Leather (HT-HA001)

ITEM Name:Full length high arch support insole covered with breathable leather
Available Sizes:S, M, L and XL
Material: Black Leather, Orange Foam, Support Arch Pad.

high arch support shoe insoles
– Reduce the repetitive shock and impact to the foot
– Redistribute pressure on foot due to high arch, relief pain caused from heavy pressure on heel and forefoot.
– Breathable leather helps absorption of sweat, keep foot dry and avoid funny smell.

retail: 1 PRS/pack

Wholesale MOQ:300 PRS/Size
Standard PKG:1PR/PKG, clear polybag without printing

SI-SIV03_Silicone Sandal thong protector, Silicone sandal pad

ITEM Name:Silicone Sandal thong protector / Silicone sandal pad
Available Sizes:one size fits most
SI-SIV03_Silicone Sandal thong protector, Silicone sandal pad
– Soft silicone surrounds the toe post of thong-style sandal to reduce friction.
– Slim tube design, well protect your toes, comfortable but still looks quite good while wearing sandal and flip flop.
– Hand washable.

Color: generally in transparent white, other colors require higher MOQ.
MOQ: 500 PRS
Standard PKG: 1 PR/PKG

ES-BUNSP_Big toe bunion splint,protector,supporter

ITEM NAME: Big toe bunion splint/protector/supporter
Size: one size fits most (customized sizes are available), left and right
Color: black (customized colors are available)
ES-BUNSP_Big toe bunion splint,protector,supporter
– Designed to provide comfortable immobilization and alignment of the big toe.
– help reduce pain following bunionectomy by positioning the big toe in proper alignment and to help prevent from further deformity
– Adjustable hook-and-loop tape fist most adults, easy to wear and firmly keep in place.
– hand washable, reusable

Metarial: Neoprene, silicone pad
MOQ: 300 pcs per application.
Standard PKG:1PC/PKG, Clear polybag without print.

The other shoe drops: Most are bad for feet

Those cute little roll-up ballet flats women carry in their purses to slide on during foot-pain emergencies have rapidly achieved most-favored streetwear status among millions of them — and worst-footwear status among podiatrists.

When used only for their intended purpose — worn just a few minutes as relief from cramped-up or burning feet, or while deskbound or on a plane — they’re not terrible, foot specialists say. Continue reading The other shoe drops: Most are bad for feet

Gloss How-To: Curbing High Heel Pain

I am a lover of all things feminine and pretty except heels. They just are too painful to be worth the trouble!

The age-old debate of heels vs. flats has been around a long time, and the truth is, although wearing high heels makes some women feel sexier and more confident, there may be drawbacks for those who wear them regularly. A new study shows that women who wear high heels on a regular basis can feel pain when walking flat-footed. Researchers found that high heel-wearers’ muscle fibers are on average 13% shorter than flat shoe-wearers, which explains why the high heel fans experience discomfort when walking barefoot or in flatshoes. Continue reading Gloss How-To: Curbing High Heel Pain

Taking a Look at Plantar Fasciitis

About four months ago my heel started hurting so bad when I first stood up in the morning that it would cause a limp for a minute or two. Now, sometimes the pain lasts all day. It is always near the heel … but not always in exactly the same part of the heel. Occasionally the same pain is also at the ball of the same foot where the center toes are attached. Are these symptoms of arthritis?  Continue reading Taking a Look at Plantar Fasciitis

GE-ESELB_Gel cushioned elbow protector

ITEM NAME: Gel cushioned elbow protector
Size: small and large
GE-ESELB_Gel cushioned elbow protector
– Helps the ealing of dry or cracked elbows.
– Protective padding for Ulnar Nerve
– Stretchable nylon fabric with gel cushion to cover around the elbow to protect from pressure due to shearing forces.
– Hand washable


GE-SKACHI_GEL Achilles Heel Sleeve, Achilles heel pad

ITEM NAME:GEL Achilles Heel Sleeve, Achilles heel pad
Sizes: Small and Large
GE-SKACHI_GEL Achilles Heel SleeveGE-SKACHI_GEL Achilles Heel Sleeve
– Comfort, cushion and protect the achilles from pressure and friction.
– Moisturize dry skin at the back of heel area
– Slim design fits most footwar.
– Hand washable, remove for at least 3 to 4 hours a day to allow skin to breathe


SI-SK002_Gel Moisturizing Heel Sleeve

ITEM NAME: Gel Moisturizing Heel Sleeve
Size: one size fits most
SI-SK002_Gel Moisturizing Heel Sleeve
– Elastic fabric easily rolls on, wear and hold gel pad securely in place.
– Moisturizing gel padded on the heel area, recover dry or damaged skin, keep heel area moisturized and smooth.
– Slip on while sleeping or resting to soften dry or cracked heels
– Suitable for daily use, fits in footwar (shoes).
– Washable and reusable.
– May be used with moisturizing creams for additional heel treatments.

Color: light blue and white, customized colors, logo print is acceptable.

Slip on while sleeping or resting to soften dry, cracked heels

Silicone arch support brace with neoprene band, for flat feet, low arch, fallen feet. (ES-AR1104)

ITEM NAME:Silicone arch support with neoprene band
SIZE: one fits most (adult size)
Metarial: silicone, neoprene, velcro

– silicone arch support embodied in neoprene band, velcro keep this band firmly in place.
– confortable for home use while wearing flip flop, slippers and sandals, keep good arch support, release pressure on arch part due to fallen feet and pes cavus.
– good for occasions without wearing shoes.
– washable and reusable.

ES-AR1104_Silicone arch support with neoprene band

ES-AR1104_Silicone arch support with neoprene band

PKG: 1pc/opp bag

Foot Relief Soften Silicone Insoles